A good way to take care of your car!

Grad Day 2014 - May 17

Thank you to everyone who came out to support Grad Day 2014!

High School graduation is a time for celebration – safe celebration. Therefore, local schools host all-night, alcohol-free graduation celebrations for Billings and Laurel High Graduates. Each year, student and parent volunteers raise funds for these celebrations through a special event called "Grad Day." Grad Day is held one Saturday in May and each school "adopts" a MasterLube location for the day. Graduating seniors and parent volunteers spend Grad Day greeting customers, washing windows, vacuuming cars, and holding special car washes and BBQs in the parking lots. Proceeds from Grad Day go directly to each school to fund these special, safe, and fun-filled graduation parties. MasterLube is a longtime supporter of these all-night, alcohol-free graduation celebrations.

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