Air Conditioner Recharge

The A/C recharge service is no longer available at our stores. We know how uncomfortable it can be when the temperature increases and the A/C in your vehicle just doesn’t want to work, we’ve been there… And for several years we have tried to help those in that situation to find a resolution and a more comfortable, enjoyable temperature for their drive. We’ve seen too often that this is caused by leakage in the A/C system, discovered by connecting to the system and beginning to pump fluid allowing the dangerous chemicals they’re made of into the air. We feel that not only have we too often wasted customers time to find out that it won’t take because the leak is too severe, we’ve also seen many times where it appears to work, only to have it last just a few days or weeks because the root cause remains, a leak in the system. It is because of these factors combined with the fact that we do not offer the repairs necessary to properly fix the problem that we have chosen to no longer offer the A/C recharge service. 

If you are having trouble with your A/C not working we feel terrible, and recommend contacting your mechanic to do a full diagnoses on the system and make the appropriate repairs needed to keep cool during those hot days. And if that doesn’t work we’ve always got free Wilcoxins Ice Cream sandwiches to enjoy during your visit to our stores.