Our Mission: Employee Development

At Masterlube we embrace the transitional nature of our business. Employees don’t (and shouldn’t) come to us for a career. They come to us for a paycheck, but we ask them to deliver a standard of service that far exceeds their rate of pay. We are indebted to our employees. Without them and the extraordinary service they provide, we would not be successful.

Our training and development program, which goes beyond just how to change oil, is aimed at making up the difference between what our employees are worth and what they are paid.

We know that each Masterlube employee is on his or her way to somewhere else. They all have a unique definition of success, and they each have a dream. Masterlube employees are future entrepreneurs, executives, business owners, mothers, fathers, and community leaders. Our personal development programs provide insight and life skills every employee needs to discover and live his or her best life.

After years of experience, we discovered that employees with goals, personal insight, confidence, and self-fulfillment not only meet our strict standards but consistently go above and beyond what’s expected of them. Our training program is our mission and serves our mission at the same time.

Technical Training

Our goal in all of our technical training is to provide MasterLube employees with all the information they need to be experts in light vehicle maintenance and extraordinary customer service.

  • Product Knowledge:  Our Product Knowledge course is an extensive look at the refining and manufacture of oil, what oil does in an engine, and best practices for vehicle maintenance. We also discuss how other products we sell are manufactured and perform.
  • Technical Knowledge:  We go under the hood and train every employee on the best light vehicle maintenance techniques recommended by the auto and oil industries. From bumper to bumper, we cover the replacement and installation of every item MasterLube sells, starting with an oil and filter change.
  • Extraordinary Customer Service:  Our customer service sets us apart from our competitors, and we invest in a detailed training program that outlines our expectations for every customer interaction. With a solid foundation in customer service, employees have opportunity to go the extra mile.

Personal Development

Our personal development program hinges on one timeless question: what do you want to be when you grow up? No matter what stage of life our employees are in, we help them identify their strengths, show them how to set goals and achieve them, and teach them how to change old, worn-out thought patterns that keep us from finding success.

  • Spark Plug:  Spark Plug is the cornerstone of MasterLube’s personal development program, and it starts within a few weeks of hiring. Once a week, managers guide employees, one-on-one, in the process of defining their short-term and long-term goals, and help them develop realistic action plans for achieving them. The process is ongoing for as long as an employee stays with MasterLube.
  • Core Competency:  One of the first trainings all MasterLube employees receive is a course to determine their greatest personal skill – their core competency. For some, it might be service for others it might be technical. We help every employee determine their core competency and provide work that utilizes their greatest personal skill, while giving them experience to develop weaker areas.