AbbyHeadshotAbby Martinsen attends Senior High, takes classes at MSU-B and works part time.  We asked her to tell us how she manages her busy life but she said she didn’t have time.  We settled for a telephone interview.  When people wonder about “the work ethic in young people today” I tell them about Abby. — Bill Simmons

image5-1Abby’s school day starts before many of her classmates have even rolled out of bed. She’s at school before 7 a.m. for an AP – that’s advanced placement – government class. Then, she goes to her AP statistics class, followed by her AP English class. By taking AP courses, she has the opportunity to earn college credit as a high school student. Abby also loves music and takes a choir class, orchestra and band – she plays the French horn. By lunchtime she’s through with her school day, and it’s off to work at MasterLube on Grand Avenue on most afternoons. There, she works about 20-35 hours a week. Oh, and let’s not forget: she’s also taking college courses at MSU-Billings through a high school based University Connections program. Most of her coursework is online. She also makes time to volunteer at St. Vincent Healthcare. She’s working toward a career in nursing.
Abby is one hard working, motivated 17-year-old. How does she stay organized?

She manages to keep her schedule and priorities straight without the use of an organizer, and she doesn’t put off homework when she has the chance to get it done right away. She’s the sort of person who likes to stay busy, she said, and thrives in a fast-paced life. She doesn’t work on Sundays, and uses her time that day for homework and family.

Since most of her college coursework is online, she can stay on top of it and do some assignments from her phone. One of her high school teachers also maintains a strong online presence and his assignments are posted online too. It offers a convenience she needs to keep her schedule flexible. And MasterLube has been great in offering her flexibility in her schedule as well, she said.

Abby wants to encourage everyone to try something new even if it seems risky.

“You can’t say you don’t like something if you never do it,” she said. “Nothing’s going to happen if you try something and find out it’s not for you.”


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