Yesterday (February 25th) we celebrated entering an exciting new stage of life at our Heights Four Seasons MasterLube with an open house, ribbon cutting, dessert pizza courtesy of our new neighbors Pizza Ranch, and a few fun give-away items. If you’re reading this within a few days of writing then you know we picked the coldest, snowiest day of the year so far to have a party because… you know, it’s Montana so you flip a coin and hope for the best sometimes when it comes to weather.

Mr. Simmons will tell you he has fond memories of our store when it was a gas station sitting there on Main Street in the 50’s with nearly nothing around. Just to the north a couple hundred yards were two small houses, one of which he lived in for a time during his youth. Over the next 30 or so years the heights grew up around that little gas station with new, vibrant stores along both sides of Main Street including the development of the Four Seasons shopping center. That little gas station remained, mostly unchanged, at times even empty. It got old, run down… Then in 1983, as if by magic, she came back to life! Remodeled to be bigger, brighter, and (in our opinion) better than ever as the 3rd MasterLube store.

Over the next 35 years she aged graciously. There were the occasional plumbing issues; leaks in the aging roof; but she had a good heart, and so it seemed only proper that she should again be touched by magic. And so over the past several months she’s been remodeled and become the new Heights MasterLube! Bigger! Brighter! It’s like she’s young again as she enters this next exciting stage in life.

When we began we had a few specific goals, one of which was to remain open throughout the entirety of the remodel, we recognize this was no small ask… Luckily we had a contractor in Fisher Construction who was up to the task, it took a lot of work and planning to pull off and to everyone that contributed to making it happen, we say thanks! Also, to each of you who still came in for a service even though we tore the lobby off the building and did our best to confuse you (and apologetically succeeded many times) by flipping the direction you come through our bay, we thank you! This community has served us well over the past 26 years and we look forward to continuing to do our best to return the favor for many years to come!

Below are a few pictures from our ribbon cutting celebration. Check out a historical gallery of different stages of life of the corner we are on by clicking HERE.