Jaymeson Red Star

Jaymeson Red Star

Ask Jaymeson Red Star what he’s been up to lately, and you’ll need to grab a cup of coffee and find a comfortable place to sit. He’s been busy. Jaymeson works full time at the MasterLube Hand Car Wash, downtown, and when he’s not working he’s, well, still working!

Jaymeson is a busy musician and up-and-coming graphic designer. He recently provided the design for the poster promoting free community classes provided by Russ Cherry and hosted by MasterLube. If you’ve been to a MasterLube store recently, chances are you’ve seen his work hanging behind the register.

Jaymeson’s design work is all computer-generated and he uses the program Adobe PhotoShop. In addition to the MasterLube posters, Jaymeson has done several promotional fliers and magazine ads for local musicians. He’s self-taught and has been doing graphic design work for about four years.

Jaymeson’s first design was a cover for an original song he wrote and recorded in 2012. He wanted to promote the song through various online venues, but wasn’t getting much attention because the single didn’t have any cover art. He decided to try to create a design himself and discovered he loved the challenge. It wasn’t long before his musician friends began asking him if he would do designs and promotion for their albums and shows.

While he enjoys graphic design, Jaymeson’s primary passion is music. He plays guitar and drums and can improv on bass. He writes all his own music, which crosses musical genres including reggae, hip-hop, and blues. His songs are primarily about addiction and recovery, a theme that Jaymeson knows all too well. He has been sober for 27 months, and said he fights for recovery every day.

In his recovery, Jaymeson has taken his music more seriously, and has gotten together with other recovery-minded musicians to organize a tour promoting sobriety called The Good Life Tour. The goal is to let people know there are people who have overcome addiction and to give them hope, Jaymeson said. So far, they’ve already booked several dates in 2017, and have secured funding to make the tour possible.

Download a copy of Russ Cherry's Classes

Download a copy of Russ Cherry’s Classes

“Recovery is a hard road to walk, and you can’t do it for anyone else. You have to do it for yourself,” Jaymeson said.

Editor’s note: if Jaymeson’s last name sounds familiar, it’s because his uncle is Kevin Red Star, a renowned Montana painter, who has encouraged Jaymeson from the time he was young to pursue his creative passions.