Josh and Aubrey Edge

Josh and Aubrey Edge

Josh Edge has worked and lived in many places, but no matter where life took him, Billings was always home. Josh was born in Billings, and one of his earliest memories was sitting on the Rims with his father, looking out over the city. Not long after that he moved with his family to Georgia, where he spent the rest of his childhood.

“That memory stuck with me forever, and I always said I wanted to go back there,” Josh said.

MasterLube also played a role in Josh’s memories as well. His father worked there in the early 80’s when Josh was small. After moving to Georgia, his father joined the sheriff’s department.

“His goal was to follow in Bill Simmons’ footsteps and start a franchise of quick lube stores in Georgia,” Josh said.

Before long, his father did just that. He established four ProLube locations and a separate brake shop in southeast Georgia. By then, Josh was old enough to work for his father, and went to work using the same exclusive procedures that Simmons had developed when MasterLube started.

Montana still called to Josh, and when he decided to take a leap of faith and move to Billings, he knew he wanted to work at MasterLube. It was the first and only place he applied when he arrived in Billings in 2004.

“I decided I wasn’t quite done changing oil,” Josh said.

About a year later, he met Aubrey, a Billings native, and the two were married. They called Billings home until 2007 when they decided to move to Georgia and pursue a promising business opportunity.

Their work took them to various locations on the Gulf Coast, where Josh and Aubrey worked at and managed several restaurants, including a family owned BBQ restaurant. Still, Montana called to them. They were homesick and longed for the mountains and people they loved.

“It was a great experience, but it just felt like a really long vacation,” Josh said. “This is home.”

Almost five years after Josh and Aubrey left Billings they returned, and just as he had before, Josh applied at MasterLube, where his managers welcomed him back.

“It’s definitely a company of second chances,” Josh said. “I guess you could say I was born to it.”

Josh and Aubrey enjoy adventure, sightseeing, camping, fishing and spending time exploring with their “fur baby” Boone, a Labrador retriever. Both have an entrepreneurial spirit, and are presently looking for opportunities to start their own businesses. Josh is looking at the food and beverage industry again, and Aubrey has some ideas for a custom clothing line. They’re not going to take the leap until the timing is right, Josh said.

“MasterLube has taught me that there’s process in running a successful business,” he added. “If you create a process that works, you have a winning product.”

No matter what opportunities Josh and Aubrey decide to pursue, they have decided that they’re staying in Billings.

“Montana holds a special place in my heart and it always will,” Josh said.