Neighbors & Neighborhoods – A Symposium For Billings And The World

Jozef and Boris return to Billings for a special concert as part of a week celebrating Neighbors and Neighborhoods. They bring with them another special Slovak guest, Brano Dugovic. For Brano this is his first trip to Billings, for Boris his 6th, and for Jozef his 11th visit to the Magic City since 2015! The concert will be free to the community on Saturday April 13th at 6pm in Cisel Hall on the MSUB campus.

Music will include classical compositions as well as a number of their own pieces. This special performance will be an evening dedicated to friends, to community, and to neighbors near and far from 3 world renowned musicians.

Neighbors and Neighborhoods is a week-long series of lectures, concerts, presentations, community engagements, and conversations between Billings neighbors on pressing issues facing our city as we seek solutions to issues that affect all of us. By utilizing various voices and traditions, both from our region and from afar, the symposium will focus on five areas that unite all of us in the Billings community. The five broad themes of Education, Culture, Civic Engagement (Democracy, Civil Society), Billings Ethnic Diversity, and Human Security (Jobs, Economy) will be explored from multiple perspectives with the goal of fostering a better understanding of what Billings, our home, can offer the world and what the world can teach us. Each day during the week, the symposium will hold sessions in small groups across the city, in our schools and institutions, culminating in larger community events open and free to all. The goal is to create the space and opportunity for far-reaching conversations between neighbors and to bring in outside voices to share their experiences with us.  The overarching goal is to remember, re-create, and celebrate the feeling of neighborly-ness beginning with cross-the-garden, front-porch conversations between neighbors. The organizers great desire is to tie into existing community organizations and pave a path toward action and results.

Join us for this free, open to the public concert for a rare opportunity to listen and engage with 3 great Slovak musicians, right here in Billings.