Nich Pertuit Health Coach

We are bombarded every day (feels like every second sometimes) by pictures, supplements, fad diets, commercials, and more shaping what we believe about what healthy looks like and what healthy is. It makes it difficult to know where to start, and maybe even harder to stick with it. This is where our health coach Nich Pertuit comes in. Nich coaches us on the idea that healthy isn’t one single measurement, diet, or image.. it’s not a noun, it’s a verb.. it’s not something you are, it’s something you do.. health is a lifestyle..

Or simply, Health is behavior..

Nich, through our partnership with him and his business HEALTHY IS, helps us simplify our beliefs of what health truly is and gives small tips, rules, and advice on healthy behaviors we can implement to achieve the outcomes we desire. Nich has been working with our entire staff in our training session every Monday and Friday for over a year now, adding new challenges and rules each month to help us develop the habits needed to live a healthy lifestyle that lasts. The first challenge he issued to us last year was simply to write down everything you eat and drink (not counting carbs or calories, just what it was) and track how you felt, as well as one thing we are grateful for each day. This helped us just to become more aware of how what we are putting into our body made us feel so that we could really begin to understand what our current perspective on health is.. “If you don’t know what current is, you will never voluntarily change it.”

One of the added benefits of having Nich work with us is the InBody machine he brings to help us look at more than just one number on the scale when you step on it. At first glance this machine and the report it puts out looks like something you might need a PHD in Health and Human Performance to understand (lucky for us Nich does and he makes it very simple to understand after a short discussion with him). What it does is break down our body water, lean body mass, skeletal muscle mass, body fat, and many more measurements to paint a full picture of our health. This way whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain weight you can see how you’re making progress and that your efforts are paying off.. So rather than looking just at an overall weight that may not have changed as much as you’d like, and losing motivation, you can see how your lean body mass, muscle, and Extra Cellular Water to Total Body Water analysis looks (ECW/TBW analysis helps indicate whether you might need more fat in your diet or if you are at risk of inflammation in your body)..

At the end of the day we all want to have, or regain, control of our health, which generally means having control of our life.. Because “living a long life is great, but it’s even better if it’s combined with a high QUALITY of life.” That’s what Nich is helping us realize every day..

And remember, if the ingredient list is 1.. You’re probably good


Healthy Is mobile station

Nich brings his Health and Human Performance ‘office on wheels’ to us and coaches us through a healthy lifestyle.