Alex Eby

Alex has always been a go-getter. After starting at MasterLube at 16, Alex worked her way up to assistant manager all while managing to graduate both high school and college. She graduated from MSU Billings with a bachelor’s in Business Management in 2020. She also started her career at Costco Wholesale and has since transferred to their Kalispell location.

“I learned so many valuable lessons and figured out who I was, as well as the person I desired to be. I grew confident with myself and my abilities.”

She and her husband, Chris (another MasterLube alum), are exploring new outdoor adventures around Kalispell and are expecting their first child this summer.

As for her advice to others, “Don’t let anything hold you back. Don’t let fears of the unknown keep you from doing what you want to do.”

If you want or desire to do something, ANYTHING, just go for it.”


Posted on

June 20, 2023