Bobbie Swanson

Bobbie Swanson

To call Bobbie Swanson a jack-of-all-trades might be an understatement. During her tenure at MasterLube, Bobbie cashiered, was involved in hiring and training, and eventually became a sales consultant for fleet customers. She even opened her own business doing windshield chip repair.

Bobbie always kept her goals in mind. She wanted to build good relationships with those around her, maintain a good work ethic, and eventually, have a family.

Now, Bobbie works for GE Capital and her vision for life remains constant. Last year, she and her husband welcomed their first child. She spends her time focused on the success of her family and enjoying the outdoors while boating, camping, and fishing. “It’s important to enjoy what you do,” she says, “Do good. And good things will come to you.”

“Focus on being the best person you can be and everything else will just fall into place.”

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July 14, 2015