Justice Marjamaa

Justice Marjamaa

Justice is the kind of guy that always seems to be enjoying life… That’s because he is. When he came to MasterLube at the age of 20 he had goals of getting a good running vehicle and purchasing a home he could call his own. He started out working in the pit Downtown before quickly moving to the Grand Ave MasterLube and becoming assistant manager. When describing his time at MasterLube Justice said, “There is a feeling of happiness and security working at MasterLube. Your team almost becomes family in a way, and you all have to work together to take care of the customers.” While he enjoys working on vehicles and takes great pride in customer service, his heart is outdoors.

He spends most of his free time fishing, camping, or ‘backroad cruising with friends and hitting the springs’, makes sense considering he grew up in the mountains in Phillipsburg, MT. Before moving on to the next adventure he was able to achieve both of his goals he came to MasterLube with, he found the nice car and then the house, and says “MasterLube taught me many life lessons outside of just changing oil that are going to keep motivating me to meet goals.” He has found a route to combine his passion for the outdoors into his new business, Mountain Man Pest Control. He plans to continue working hard while fixing up and paying off his house, before eventually starting a family and taking them back to the western part of Montana that offers the lifestyle he enjoys.

When asked what advice he would offer he channels his own values as well as the wisdom of another MasterLube Alumni, Brian Vincent, when he says “Hard work opens doors and proves to the world that you are serious about being your best. If you work hard and always say yes it will take you a long way.”

“It’s not just changing oil, it’s changing lives!”


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November 15, 2023