Next week Jozef Luptak and Boris Lenko will follow a performance in Chicago together with a long anticipated return trip to Billings for the first time since 2019! For Boris, piano and accordion, this will be his 5th trip to Billings; and for Jozef, cello, this visit is a bit of a special anniversary if you will, marking his 10th visit to Billings to perform for our community since 2015!

Both world renowned musicians live in Slovakia, a Central European country that shares it’s Eastern border with the currently war torn country of Ukraine. This trip and performance is their dedication to the hundreds of thousands of Ukranian refugees, some of which they have taken in themselves, who have been displaced from their homes. As well as the thousands more who have had their lives turned upside down since the beginning of 2022.

Concert will be Friday, June 9th, at Cisel Hall on the MSU Billings campus, starting at 7pm.

The duo will perform musical pieces from Ukranian composers M.Skoryk, M. Lysenko, and V. Silvestrov; a number of new pieces of their own, one of them especially dedicated to this occasion; classical compositions by Arvo Part & Ernest Bloch; as well as an exciting duo performance of Boris Lenko and Jozef Luptak compositions! This will be a rich musical journey to especially support the brave Ukranian people!

Their visit and performance is co presented by The Slovak Arts Council.