You know that old saying “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence?  Have you ever wondered how that came about or why people say that?

I have, and I rWATER YOUR GRASSemember the first time I realized what it meant.  It freaked me out!  Somehow people think that their lives are poor in experience, relationships, opportunities, and abundance AND that their neighbors’ lives are rich and full of those things. We couldn’t be more wrong. 

It made me so mad that I presented a talk called “Water Your Grass!” and it is one I’ve been asked to share repeatedly.  Here are a few key points from that presentation: 


Many people use their fence to lean on as they look at their neighbors’ yards full of green grass.  In fact, they spend so much time looking at the other lawns they forget to care for their own yard.  They forget to water, fertilize, and maintain their lawn.  No wonder it’s brown and dead!  That’s what happens when you neglect something you should be helping to thrive.

Have you ever watched someone who truly loves helping their yard or garden bloom? They focus on every task, carefully planting and nurturing every blade of grass and each plant. They love what they’re doing and know the work they do each day will result in something more beautiful tomorrow. They describe their work as a labor of love, sometimes even relating their experience to giving birth. They are engaged in what they’re doing and fully energized. You can see it in them and the work they do. They find satisfaction and wholeness in the process, and the results are deserving of both attention and admiration.

Water Your Grass!

So how do you start to thrive in your own life?

Water your grass!  Get off of the fence.  Take a long look at your neglected lawn.  Find out if your grass needs water, fertilizer, weeds pulled, a good mowing, or all of the above and then get to work!

Start Today

Here’s a list of things you can do right now to begin the watering process.

First, just take a few deep breaths–it’s amazing what three deep, focused breaths can do to calm the mind. Then:

  • Eat better:  you might need to eat more or less or change what you are eating.
  • Go to bed early:  many people who are stuck stay up late and get up late.
  • Exercise: a brisk walk for 20 minutes every day will change your life.
  • Gratitude: write down what you have and why you are grateful for it, then take a moment and express your thanks to those around you.
  • Goals: write down what you want and why you want it.
  • Plan: write down things that you can do today that will help you achieve your goals.
  • Persist: Stick to your goals until they stick to you.
  • Journal: Keep track of your failures and your progress.  You’ll be amazed at what journaling can do to green your lawn efficiently and effectively–and the insights it will bring when you read it later.
  • Repeat
  • Repeat
  • Repeat

One Last Reminder

Keep in mind that like a beautiful lawn, creating an abundant, healthy life doesn’t just happen over night. Growth and change take time. But it’s an investment that’s well worth the investment of your time and attention.

Questions? Comments? I’m always glad to read them.  Please post them below.


(c) 2015 Russ Cherry

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