If you drive through the heights regularly you’ve probably  noticed some construction going on around our Heights store, and weirdly now it appears that everyone is going through our service bays backwards!! Though it looks that way, and feels a little backwards for us still, this is because we have flipped the direction that vehicles come through our store to be serviced. 

With the new Pizza Ranch coming in to the 4 Seasons shopping center there are many changes and improvements happening to the area around our store and to allow a better flow for customers our team has put in a lot of time during ‘off’ hours preparing the store to be able to accommodate vehicles coming in from the opposite direction, while still providing the service standards we hold ourselves too. With new sidewalks going in and entries into the shopping center changing, including our entrance on our NW corner from Anchor and Main St being eliminated, this flip in direction is designed to offer a better flow of traffic in and out of our store for years to come.

Along with the flip we will be doing some updating and remodeling to our most ‘senior’ MasterLube store and we are excited to share more info with you in the near future!

A big thanks goes out to our Heights team and Travis Berg for all the extra work being done, to Jones Construction and the city of Billings for working with us through the chaos that comes with construction, and to our loyal customers for navigating through the chaos to have their vehicles serviced at MasterLube.