What would YOU attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

It’s a heavy question. It’s a question that has changed my life. I try to share that question with as many people as possible. The most common response to the question I hear is:

“Russ, there are no iron-clad, 100% guarantees of success in this world. I have no benefactors and no one is looking out for me.”

So true and so realistic. I’ve met thousands of people who know and live this response every day. I agree with them. There are no guarantees in life.

So what does it mean?

First it means stop blaming others. One way to tell if you are blaming others is to see who you want to be responsible for potential failure. I was presenting at a seminar and an adult said to me,

“I would be a rock star if my mom had let me take guitar lessons when I was nine.”

Really?  He was in his mid- to late-thirties and had at least fifteen years to take lessons on his own. He was blaming his mother and not taking responsibility for his dream.

Once we take responsibility for our dreams and accept the risks and potential failure that comes with that dream we are almost there.

The next thing we must do is never give up. The only time we fail is when we stop trying and walk away from our dreams.

So, remember to:

  1. dream BIG
  2. take responsibility for those dreams
  3. never give up (keep at it, modify, learn, grow)

and you will find that when you attempt something great in your life you can be confident that you will achieve and grow.

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