Introduction to Slovakia – Fall Semester at MSU-B

If you follow MasterLube closely there’s a good chance you’ve seen other events and happenings connected to Slovakia this year and in years past that came about, in part, through our close relationships with Bratislava. As friends, and in some cases, business partners. MasterLube has for many years had a small stake in Oil Partners located in Bratislava, Slovakia, which consists of 2 service centers similar to our lube centers here in Billings and Laurel. 

This partnership provides an opportunity to connect friends from Billings with friends from Bratislava. Friends able to orchestrate and execute incredibly cool things like the course and study abroad opportunity you see here. MSU-B, in fact, has welcomed 2 students from C.S. Lewis, in Bratislava, to Billings for a semester of study for several years now. This is not the beginning, but a wonderful next step that we are excited to share with you! And while yes this is a course offered for students of MSU-B, as a community member you have a chance to ‘Audit’ the course for $5 per credit, which means for $5 you have the opportunity to sit in and learn from what would be more of a lecture series, with your participation level up to you. The majority of the lectures led by Dr. Paul Foster, who holds a Ph.D in Slavic Philology from Columbia University and currently is the Executive Director of International Studies and Outreach at MSUB, with guest lecturers from Central Europe both in class and via the web. So don’t fret about ‘going back to school’, this isn’t that. This is a chance to sit in and learn the history and culture of people from a country the US has close relations with, and if you’re interested, visit and experience the region for yourself.

We thank you for allowing us to share this with you and hope you will consider partaking in the class this fall, and maybe take advantage of the opportunity to travel to Central Europe with this group. 

For the course syllabus click image or link here: Introduction to Slovakia Course Syllabus 2019 072819

For additional information contact Paul Foster and his team at 406-247-5785, or feel free to e-mail Zane at