Ciara Cuellar

Ciara Cuellar

Ciara’s personality is electric. As a cashier at the King Ave MasterLube, she had a way of putting a smile on your face. But now, her personality AND her profession are electric! As an electrician and owner of CM Metro Electric, Ciara is working hard and loving every minute of it.

As a cashier, Ciara knew she was bound for different work one day – she just didn’t know what. Her co-workers were always showing her how to work on vehicles and she found the work environment friendly. “MasterLube was always supportive and pushing me to get an education,” she explained.

Now that she’s decided to put a “spark” in her professional career, Ciara spends as much free time as possible enjoying the outdoors and snowboarding in the winter. And in work or play, she is always full speed ahead. “Always put 110% in everything you do,” she says, “you never know who is watching. Hard work can lead to a compliment or a job promotion.”

“Good karma will always come back.”

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July 14, 2015