Letesia Left Hand

Letesia Left Hand

If you met Letesia Left Hand on a basketball court, you would have a hard time believing she was shy. As an aggressive, athletic forward for Sheridan College and Little Big Horn College, she was a force to be reckoned with. But when she first started her working life as a cashier at MasterLube while finishing high school, she was pretty quiet.

But working with customers taught her people skills. And after earning her associates degree from Little Big Horn College, she became a teacher with Headstart in Crow Agency. “It’s a challenge,” she says, “but the kids make it worth it.”

Today, she and her fiancé are learning to balance life and work with their infant son Lacius. She still enjoys playing basketball whenever possible and hopes to continue her education in sports medicine or early education. And she encourages those around her reach for their goals; “Do what you’re asked and have a good attitude going into work and you’ll have a fantastic day!”

“Take everything day by day and don’t be lazy!”

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July 14, 2015