Mandy Godfrey

Mandy Godfrey

“Put your speedy ears on, guys! We got cars to do!”

Mandy Godfrey was one of our motivators and “speedy-ears” was one of her favorite lines – in reference to the funny shape her dog, Brutus’, ears take on in a full-out run. She enjoyed the fast paced work environment and was always keeping her team members on their toes and hard at work. An attribute she took with her to college – double majoring in Criminal Justice and Sociology at Montana State University Billings. She managed her income wisely, worked several different jobs while going to school and focused hard to achieve her goal of paying for college without student loan or other debt – and she succeeded.

She is now a proud college graduate and looking to apply her degree in the field of youth corrections in San Diego. But what’s a hard working gal to do now that schools done? “I’m so glad to enjoy reading again, since now I have time to read more then just textbooks!”

“I believe in goals. Set goals and reach for them. It’s not impossible. In fact, it’s really all about your mindset. If you believe it, you can do it.”

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July 14, 2015