Robert Hill

Robert Hill

Fighting is in Robert Hill’s blood. But for a quite while, Robert spent more time around blood than he did fighters. Robert worked here as a technician while pursuing his goal of working in health care and going to school for phlebotomy. After completing his classes, he went to work at a local laboratory as a phlebotomist. But, as they often do, his goals changed over time and he felt a strong desire to return to the sports his grandfather and father loved. In April 2008, Robert opened 5 Star MMA to teach self-defense, mixed-martial arts, judo, boxing and a variety of other fighting styles. His goals are now focused on his family and his fighters. He proudly speaks of his oldest son’s first-degree black belt and the goals he has for each of his students. And we proudly speak of him.

“Enjoy the time you have and get as much as you can out of your work experience”


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July 14, 2015