Shelby Godfrey

Shelby Godfrey

Shelbi Godfrey is full of ambition and managers her own business, Lunar Esthetics, in Billings. Before she jumped into entrepreneurship, Shelbi started out by planting marigolds in the spring and eventually becoming the manager of MasterLube Glass.

Her goals have shifted to raising her daughter, building her business, and helping her significant other, Mike, with his business goals. “Between running two businesses and a wild child we do have our hands full.” She enjoys making her own schedule and escaping to Nevada or Colorado for an occasional break.

Shelbi advises folks to move at their own pace and stop comparing their journey to others. “Everyone is on their own path, and everyone has their own wins, and their own setbacks.”

See everything as an opportunity to learn something new.”


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June 20, 2023