Trevor Fink

Trevor Fink

To call Trevor Fink “energetic” is a gross understatement. Starting out as a self-described “cleaning-bug” at the MasterLube Hand Car Wash, Trevor’s energy and enthusiasm would spill out of his small frame and fill an entire building! At only 16, “I was scared as hell to start an independent life,” he said. But by the time he worked his way up to Assistant Manager, he could motivate a staff of several people in a matter of minutes and literally “run the show.”

Today, Trevor needs all that extra energy for his position with Advanced Concrete Construction – working concrete in the hot, summer sun is hard work. But he is up for the challenge. And now he remembers his early working days, and the uncertainty that came with them, fondly. “Never let fear of failure hold you back from anything.”

“You never know the opportunity that’s waiting for you to come knocking.”

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July 14, 2015